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With the ever-growing presence of the internet in our daily lives, internet and text-based acronyms have become increasingly prevalent and popular. One text acronym that you may not know is WCW. So, what exactly is WCW and how is it used? Read on to Dreaming about someone you miss what WCW means and how you can use it. It is an incredibly popular hashtag that initially started on Twitter. People use this acronym for tagging posts about the ladies that they admire or find incredibly attractive.


WCW is an acronym that means "women crush Wednesday.

Examples of wcw

It then spread to other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. The meaning of WCW varies, of course, depending on the context.

For instance, some Asiandatings and singles com it as an abbreviation for "World Championship Wrestling," "Wonderful Crush Wednesday," or " Woman Crush Wednesday," the singular version of the same tag.

Because it's so short, many people use the tag WCW as an acronym on Twitter, which only allows characters per post. However, others actually write out the full tag as WomenCrushWednesdayespecially on Facebook and Tumblr where length doesn't matter as much.

Wcw means "women crush wednesday." learn the right way to use it

Some people also tweak the tag and use "woman," so you'll find a lot of related content tagged WomanCrushWednesday. The trend is to do WCW posts on Wednesdays, which of course is the literal meaning of the second "W" in the tag. WCW has become a cultural "award" or unofficial honor that anyone can bestow on anyone, and the language used in WCW posts often includes verbs associated with awards, like "goes out to," "deserves," or "has won my WCW.

WCW is used in a variety of ways Lady seeking casual sex TN Bloomington spri 38545 for a multitude of purposes. Among them:.

Some also post pictures that don't literally show women. These might include cartoons, objects, abstract images and all sorts of imagery deed to connote something feminine or related to females in some way.

Also, sometimes the tag is used ironically or in ways that are considered funny. For example, one person once posted a photo of hundred dollar Audrina de leon xxx to Twitter and said, "She's always been there for me.

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