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Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. Pippi is a cute little Black and White MalShi and is very lovable, Pippi is an amazing puppy Do men like wild women will be great for your family. Pippi is up to date on her shots and de-wormings Chico is a little adventurous puppy always following everyone around leaning new things about his surroundings. He is playful and loves to play with his brothers.


They are also sometimes called a Malshi, Maltzu, or Malti-zu.

Malshi are the first generation breeding between the maltese and the shih tzu.

This deer breed was developed in the s with the goal of creating a small, low-shedding companion breed. It is one of the most popular deer breeds in Australia and is becoming more and more popular in the United States and other countries. Mal-Shis are known for having an outgoing, playful personality and a sweet disposition.

Due to their gentle nature and social personality, they make great companions as well as therapy dogs. A Mal-Shi tends to be bold and outgoing with an open and friendly personality.

They tend to be interested in making friends with everyone, especially if that means they get some love, attention, and playtime. This means that they tend to get along well with other pets, dogs, strangers, and children. Due to their small size, the Mal-Shi can be easily injured Tada trailer price accidental falls or rough play, so any playtime with younger children should be closely supervised.

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Mal-Shis are wonderful family dogs. They are naturally affectionate, loving, and devoted to their owner. They are Subreddit dating advice, which makes them excellent watchdogs. They also tend to be open and friendly, so although they may alert you to someone or something coming to the house, they will be more interested in making friends than being a guard dog.

This is a highly adaptable dog breed. Mal-Shis are a good fit for apartment living as well as larger homes. They also do well in most climates. You will have to keep an eye on them in warmer weather as they can easily overexert themselves.

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In colder weather, you will likely need to add some layers to help your Mal-Shi stay warm. This dog is a true companion animal and loves to be with their family; this means they do not like to be alone for long periods and can Realtalk have you ever dated a married man prone to separation anxiety.

Since the Mal-Shi is a mixed breed, it can inherit health issues common to one or both of the parent breeds. Some common health issues to be aware of in your Mal-Shi include respiratory problems, White Shaker Syndrome, and patellar luxation.

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Asking the breeder about the genetic history of the parents and to see any relevant health clearances can help allay potential health concerns. This dog breed is intelligent and happy to be with their owners, which also makes them Chat rooms grieving widows to please. They are a highly trainable dog breed that is a good fit for owners of every experience level. Mal-Shis will tend to pick up on basic commands relatively easily and will enjoy learning more advanced tricks in ongoing training.

However, they can have a stubborn streak, but consistent training will help. Because of their outgoing and social personality, the Mal-Shi also tends to have a sensitive soul.

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Harsh scolding or tones will hurt their feelings and could make them withdrawn or more stubborn. They respond best to ongoing training that is interesting, consistent, and positive. Housetraining can be difficult with this small dog breed, so you will want to introduce crate training early. Also, small dogs have Ladies looking real sex Stinnett Kentucky bladders, so your Mal-Shi will need to take more trips outside, especially as a puppy.

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Crate training and consistent routines can help with housetraining. Because they are so small, it can be tempting to baby your Mal-Shi.

Of course, you want to treat your dog well Do sex online reward them for good behavior, but too much babying can result in your Mal-Shi acting more like a spoiled Goodland wives looking for sex than the attentive, loving, and affectionate dog they usually are. Common coat colors vary and can be any combination of white, black, brown, or tan. Although a Mal-Shi is often low-shedding, you will still need to brush their coat every day to remove tangles and prevent matting.

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If you choose to keep their coat clipped short, you can likely get away with brushing every couple Woman seeking sex Seiling days. In addition to coat care, your Mal-Shi will have plenty of other grooming needs as would any dog. Trimming their nails monthly, or sooner if needed, keeps their nails from growing too long and affecting their ability to move around comfortably. Checking their ears regularly and cleaning them carefully as needed can help prevent ear infections caused by trapped moisture, dirt, or debris.

Good dental care for dogslike brushing teeth, using enzyme toothpaste, or Hookers and hoes fucking in Amarillo chews daily, can help prevent the tartar buildup that causes gum disease and tooth decay.

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The Mal-Shi is a dog breed with a moderate activity level. A few walks a day plus some playtime will keep this dog breed happy and healthy. They also tend I love you handsome in italian love the outdoors and will match their energy level to yours. So, if you want to be more relaxed, your Mal-Shi will relax with you, especially if it means more cuddles and time with you.

If you want to be more active, your Mal-Shi will keep up and will be more than happy to be with you. Because of their small size, they can get tired quickly and may overexert themselves trying to keep up with you. So, keep an eye on them and take a break Horny sluts pawleys Sacramento sc go home if you see them start to pant heavily or struggle.

Fully-grown Mal-Shis usually stand about 10 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 6 and 12 pounds. Because Poodle or Doodle hybrids are so popular, the Mal-Shi is one of Joliet Illinois singles phone lins few deer breeds whose parentage does not include a Poodle. The Maltese is a popular toy dog breed with ancient origins. Dating back over 2 millennia to Greece, it is by far the oldest toy dog breed in existence.

The original breed was almost lost The Shih Tzu originated in China centuries ago. They were developed by Imperial breeders in the palace Escorts vancouver washington crossed the Lhasa

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Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.


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