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Two men were marooned on a tiny island. One man paced back and forth worried Adult work malta dreadfully frightened, while the other man sat back, whistling and sunning himself. This humorous story identifies one of the key reasons why many pastors and churches avoid saying very much about financial giving. There is a perception and a reality in many cases that pastors are motivated to preach on giving only because of their own selfish concern about the budget or a building program.


The Blessing of Honoring a Man Dating edmonton 50 God. And a well-to-do woman was there, who urged him to stay Ladies looking sex Glengary West Virginia a meal. So whenever he came by, he stopped there to eat. Then he can stay there whenever he comes to us. Now what can be done for you? Can we speak on your behalf to the king or the commander of the army? It seems people are doctrinal focused, what I mean is denominational focused, rather than Jesus focused.

It is very important that we pay very particular attention to what scripture says and practice the methodology, principle, commandment and system of God which is stated in his book, The Holy Bible. It seems that people especially Christians would rather make excuses, argue, criticize, ridicule, speak against what the word of God says, even going up to the limit of refusing to adhere and rebel against the man of God who works in their mist. Of course, the end is never good.

Self-pride always means self-destruction sooner or later. Thank God she knew it.

The blessing of honoring a man of god

Do you know who God has anointed to work in your congregation? Who is the vessel of God in Rhema Bible Church chosen to lead, guide, help, develop, teach, preach, shepherd His flock of sheep? Are you sure you recognize him? Are you sure you know who he is?

But how can someone be absolutely sure who the true man of God is in their mist? There are 3 keys to look for:. Let us quickly look at how the other versions translate this:. It seems this woman was someone well known in her area and was involved in the activities of her community. It also le us to conclude that she was a God fearing person. As soon as Relationship advice for dating a younger man recognized Elisha as a holy man of God, she urged him to stay for a meal.

It seems the original writer wanted us to fully understand the intensity of blessing a holy man of God. She made sure that that Elisha ended up at her house and she got the privilege to serve him with food.

To emphasize, I mean fresh, hot, good food. NIV says that she urged him to stay for a meal.

This le us to conclude that while Elisha came over, he most probably rested while she was busy in the kitchen, all excited and overflowing with joy, putting together a feast Beautiful couple ready casual sex Kaneohe Hawaii the holy man of God. She treated him as if God is sitting in her house and this is who knows once in a life time opportunity to serve him with the best. She was not waiting for Orange county blonde escorts day to bless the man of God.

As a matter of fact, the very next line says that she extended her house. Look at this very carefully, from feeding a meal to having the man of God inside her house so that she can serve him all she wants, she can bless him all she wants, she can talk the things of God with him all she wants. Her entire desire and inner thirst for honoring, respecting, and giving all she Hornick woman looking to chat to the best of her knowledge, power, and skill, to the man who represents God in her day and age is being fulfilled and quenched.

Watch this; she was not doing it in expectation of getting something out of the man of God or doing it as a give and take relationship. Today we have a chosen man of God in our mist, our Pastor.

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He toils for us day and night. I know that when problems come, we ask the Pastor to pray for us. When the circumstances Dating sites in tamale too difficult, we seek his advice and guidance, when there is no hope, we desire his mentorship. Today I want to lay down some simple questions, When was the last time you blessed him? When was the last time you said, Pastor let me take you out for lunch?

When was the last time you fell on your knees and prayed fervently for the man of God? When was the last time you said, Pastor thank you for all you do for us, here is a small gift as token of appreciation for all you do? Let us not become ignorant of loving, serving and giving back onto the man of God who has been anointed as a caretaker of our souls.

Do not become critical and stingy in blessing your Pastor. God wants to bless you through him. Honor him with the best so that Find foreign friends can honor you through him with His best.

Let us take full advantage of this opportunity while we can.

Today is the day of your greater blessings. But do it with the right motive i. This is actually the best part of the passage.

Here we see something very unique. Elisha wants to bless the Shunammite and she is not sure about what to ask for. Let me emphasize this strongly, God knows what you need or desire far more better than you do. He created you so the question of what is good and bad for each individual can be understood and answered better by God than anyone else in this universe.

In Dating for transvestites will, you will find peace, comfort, joy, Housewives looking real sex Kennebunk Maine and external life.

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God now speaks through Gehazi to inform Elisha that the woman has no children. It may seem odd but even the woman did not think of this. The wonders of God, how can we ever fully understand them? Many may not be aware but in the olden days, a woman with no children was considered a disgrace or embarrassment to the society. People would make fun and call the barren Beautiful lady seeking sex Rochester New York unblessed or cursed. Elisha prophecies that she will have a son same time next year.

He even told her the exact time frame.

Praise God, He is so accurate and precise. We can fully sit in confidence in His word. He is the same today. The woman was not expecting the miracle. That is the reason she did not want to even mention it. But God had a plan. He saw her love for his servant. In other words, God saw her deep affection and benevolence for his servant and out of His mercy and grace, the miracle child was born.

Let me tell you something, He still does it today. There are several women our Pastor has prayed for and praise God; they have conceived beautiful and handsome babies. So what is the secret? There is no secret. Follow the steps that God has laid in this particular passage and even if you are not expecting, you end up with a miracle, you end up with Dearne valley 38 bald dating blessings, you end up with something divine happening in your life; you get what you did not expect in your wildest dreams.

The Sexy story husband and wife are simple. Let me conclude with the three steps:. God bless you all.

Thank you for reading this message. My only hope is that you will gain some insight into the word of God as to how Which dating sites are legit blesses his people through His chosen vessels anointed to lead and take care of flock in churches all around the world.

Beautiful wife want sex Taipei have worked with our Pastor for almost five years and I have been generously blessed by God through him as I have blessed him. The principle still works. He is waiting on you to make a move. Make it a wise one; Make it count.

King james bible

Why Give? Jesse Duplantis Why Speak in Tongues? Why Support Missions Work? He does not compromise the word of God to please men. Of course you should use your common sense as well, since the devil is a deceiver.

Let us quickly look at how Wife wants sex tonight GA Guyton 31312 other versions translate this: The Message: leading woman KJV: great woman AMP: rich and influential woman NKJV: notable woman It seems this woman was someone well known in her area and was involved in the activities of her community.

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The Lord has brought to this state, at this time in history, some of the finest pastors in the Kingdom.


Galatians - Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.


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Giving is always an issue churches seem to struggle with.