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And yes I love Billy Idol. Ok, ok… love is a strong word… I like his music a lot. You may know it but take a listen anyway:. Anyway, it became a very popular song to play at parties, bars and clubs, sweet sixteens, proms, weddings, you name it. There it was. From the 80s into the 90s. The first verse goes: Here she comes now, sayin Mony Mony. Shoot em down, come around, come on Mony Hey she give me love Cheating slut Adona I feel ask right now.

Now, in anticipation of this post I did some research ok, I Googled and I read one article.

See the link below. The author Real sex Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer more work on this. Turns out this has been looked into for a long time. Though the lyrics changed a bit regionally, it existed. And yet, It remains a musical mystery. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Oh boy, do I remember this. Way up in my Catholic high school in Romantic bars melbourne the song was banned because we chanted this at every dance it was played at.

It was banned in my non-Catholic Canadian high school for the same reason. We preferred the motherfucker version. And wedding dances…they are a big deal here. Primarily because there is nothing else to do.

About 1, people…but I work in Hays which has a few more things going for it. About in the middle of KC and Denver. Plainville is 20 minutes away.

A continuing, very serious anthropological study: where did the special lyrics in billy idol’s version of “mony mony” come from?

You know you are from the boondocks when you measure distance in hours and minutes! I heard that chant at the wild rose while I was working in Hays. I was a little drunk at the time but thought there was a little more to it. We sang the motherfucker version too and I am pretty sure it was banned at my high school as well!! I love Ladies wants sex MD Deer park 21550 Idol and all the memories attached to his music.

I never heard that before!

I just went to a billy idol concert this past friday and Buckhead spa massage did the motherfucker version! We played Mony Mony less than a month ago and the crowd was chanting! Full disclosure: I might have started it! I remember when he came to New Zealand Live on stage he started to sing this song then stopped with a confused look when the audience screamed out.

Recent lyrics

Hay mother fuc…. Coming late to this Caddo mills tits but just found it. Told my teen daughter about this…she didnt beleive it. She couldnt fathom her old man, im 52 now, was ever a young hip, jumping up and down at concerts and bar hopping with fake ID at 16 yrs old. I never visited the place after early I asked some of the patrons, the first time I heard it, what Sex dating london being yelled… noisy place on weekends.

Oh yeah, we did it in western NY. Hey hey, say what.

Get smart, read a book. It was hilarious!

My first experience with this was at a high school dance. There were teacher chaperones around and even the DJ was a teacher it was a side business for him. I dunno if the administration ever tried to get the DJ to stop playing it, but it got played at every high school dance I attended, with us kids screaming out our rebellion into the night like angels singing to Women and self image own glory before uncaring eternity. I do remember this. The first time I recall Ladies want real sex KY Middletown 40243 countering the extra lyrics was in a bar in Carson City Nevada around or so.

I always wondered. What a party.

14 songs you should never play in a bar

Get laid get fucked! It sounded ridiculous to Dating coke signs that someone my age would do such a thing but nonetheless, I went. I quickly found out that I could go to meetings all day and smoke cigarettes and drink coffee, hang out with awesome older people, get the attention I craved as an adolescent and all while keeping my parents and doctors off my back.

Anyway, the younger members always had lots of events planned and stuff. Softball, hiking, picnics, etc. One night, we rented out Free sexual hookups city recreational center and threw a dance party. Cleveland,OH area, we were singing it too.

Get fucked! Life began imitating art again soon afterwards. My apologies if my memory is mistaken.

Tits down. Ass up. People who were clueless only caught the fuck at the end. But I removed this. I was probably at the time and just remember this being really naughty. No one in Mpls did this.

I read somewhere it started in the New York, Ontario area when the song was released. I worked in a club in South Western Ontario at that time. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. January 13, How to win an argument online 3, GratuitousRex.

Billy idol’s “mony mony” and its additional lines

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Housewives wants sex tonight LA Marrero 70072 that bullshit. Awesome Like Like. Oh, what kids did to feel involved, Amy. I remember the shout-alongs so well. Of course you did Like Like. Our party and bar words in Missouri was…. Kansas is all about the booze Like Liked by 1 person. Makes sense Like Liked by 1 person.

Where in Kansas are you? Ah yes Hays is right on 70 Like Like. Oof Like Like.

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